On Thursday, President Joe Biden gave his second-ever address from the Oval Office.  It was a chance for him to speak directly to the American people about the situation in Israel, but instead he wasted that opportunity by glossing over the horrors of October 7th and failing to outline a plan to counter Iran and its tentacle organizations, including Hamas.

Thankfully, there was some progress towards countering Iran in the House Foreign Affairs Committee - we considered my bipartisan bill, the Hamas International Financing Prevention Act, to make sure no entity that supports Hamas is rewarded with access to the U.S. economy.

The bill was passed by the Committee with overwhelming support, and I look forward to seeing it pass the House and get sent to the Senate.

But to consider it on the House Floor, we first have to elect a Speaker.  This week, I voted for Representative Jim Jordan in each round of votes, and I’m disappointed that he has exited the race, but I agree with him: we need to come together and figure out who our speaker is going to be.  We’ll be back on Monday to do just that.

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