This week the House of Representatives passed Speaker Pelosi's latest power grab, H.R. 1.  The bill is also known as the For the People Act, but a more accurate title for this legislation would be "For the Politicians Act" because that's who will benefit from it. 

I voted against this special interest loaded bill because it would open the door to your tax dollars being used to fund partisan political campaigns. This is YOUR money, and it belongs in YOUR back pocket, NOT in Speaker Pelosi's (or anybody else’s) campaign war chest. 

But the politician power grab doesn't stop there. This bill would also transform the Federal Elections Commission into a partisan agency, allowing politicians to set the rules for federal elections to benefit themselves, and threaten our First Amendment rights by placing limitations on participation in the political process.

Sadly, instead of working on legislation that would benefit the American people, this week the House of Representatives wasted taxpayer dollars on this bill that will only help D.C. insiders and the Washington special interest groups.