The Department of Commerce today reported that the American economy shrunk two quarters in a row, confirming what most Americans already knew: the United States has entered a recession. 

While the Biden Administration is busy redefining “recession” and deflecting from the truth, working Americans are left struggling to pay bills and staring down skyrocketing prices. 

Plus, if you thought that was bad enough, the Federal Reserve just raised interest rates and Senate Democrats have revived the Build Back Broke spending bill, complete with billions in new taxes. 

Make no mistake: our current situation is a consequence of endless federal spending and failed energy policies.  President Biden’s spending spree has caused inflation, interest rate hikes and a recession.  We must reverse course and go back to President Trump’s pro-growth economic policies to ease the pains of Americans.

I will continue to fight for Americans who are fed up with living the consequences of Biden’s policies and take all action within my power to lower prices.