Being an American is a badge of honor.  Every year, hundreds of thousands of immigrants become Americans - many after a long, arduous process - because they love the United States and respect the rule of law.

However, Democrats don’t share that respect, and are bound and determined to force Americans to pay for illegal migrants who did not go through the legal citizenship process, but simply “gotaway” at the Southern border.  Their most recent attempt is an effort to blur the lines of what it means to be an American.

They may claim that these migrants are “Americans,” too, but let’s be clear: if they entered our country illegally, they are not Americans.  They are not tax paying citizens who abide by our law - they are not Americans.

It is very unfortunate that I have to repeat this obvious fact, but Democrats on Capitol Hill think it’s completely okay to encourage migrants to come in illegally.  These #AmericaLast policies will have consequences.