A year ago, the last soldier, Major General Chris Donahue, left Afghanistan, ending twenty years of American troops on the ground.

One year after the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the dust has settled and it’s clear just how many mistakes Joe Biden made:

  • Thirteen servicemembers lost their lives. 

  • Over $7 billion of military equipment was left for the Taliban.

  • Hundreds of Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan.

  • Thousands of our Afghan partners are living in fear.

  • Millions of Afghans are forced to follow sharia law.

  • Our allies are questioning our leadership. 

And yet, to this day, we have more questions than answers and there has been no accountability from the Biden Administration.  This is a far cry from the strength that has led the world for two centuries. 

Our nation forced the Axis countries to their knees.  It has toppled dictators and advanced democracy throughout the world.  It has furthered economic prosperity not only from the sea to the shining sea, but throughout the world. 

However, due to Joe Biden’s utter failure to draw any red lines for the Taliban, our standing on the global stage is in question.  Allies wonder if they can rely on the United States, while enemies see this as an opportunity to attack freedom and democracy around the globe.

I will continue to demand that the Biden Administration take responsibility for this complete and utter failure, and I will work to ensure that the United States is still the leader on the global stage.  I do not believe that our country’s best days are behind us, but we must continue to fight to ensure that they are not.