For more than a year, House Democrats and the Biden Administration have told us to “trust the science.”  But now, they are pushing a vaccine mandate that is based on anything but science.  

For example, Governor DeSantis has been leading the charge against these one-size-fits-all edicts, and Florida has some of the lowest case rates anywhere in the country.  It’s clear that mandates are not the way to fight this pandemic. 

If a federal agency or a business is determined to impose a vaccine mandate on its employees with no regard for the science, it needs to take full responsibility for any and all impacts.  That’s why I introduced the Mandating Responsibility Act. 

This bill is simple: it requires any entity that forces employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine to accept liability for any adverse impacts, from loss of income to negative health side effects.  If it becomes law, employees would be able to file suits against their employers for a range of issues relating to the mandate. 

We should be asking why no entity - private or public - has been willing to accept that liability and demand that they do.  I’ll keep fighting against big government overreach. 

If you, or someone you know, has concerns about his or her employment status being impacted by these mandates, please head to my website, and I will do everything in my power to assist you.