Sep 11 2023

Never Forget

Twenty-two years ago, evil robbed us of 2,977 lives in an attempt to take down the greatest symbol of democracy, freedom and hope the world has ever known.

The attack on September 11th changed America - and the world - forever.  We will never forget.  For the last twenty-two years, we have shown that our nation’s spirit and resolve will never falter in the face of evil and that we will always remember our friends and families whose lives were stolen that day.

We still stand as One Nation, Under God.

That is America.  Our country has always been, and will continue to be a beacon of hope to billions across the globe.  Even in the face of a heinous attack, we stand firm and united - and the trials we face become another stitch that holds together fifty stars and thirteen red and white stripes.

As we reflect on September 11th, I hope that each and every one of you also reflects on the resolve that kept our nation strong and united.  We must never forget what makes America the greatest country on earth.