Joe Biden gave aid and comfort to terrorists, and Americans died as a result.

That’s the inescapable truth from yesterday’s House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing with Biden’s former generals:

  • Joe Biden took the Houthis off the terrorist list so that he could send $3 BILLION in aid to Yemen.  Now, these terrorists are using the money to wage attacks on American cargo ships and warships passing through the Red Sea.
  • Joe Biden conceded and handed over $6 BILLION to Iran in a prisoner swap deal.  Shortly after, the Iranian-funded Hamas terrorists launched the October 7th attack on Israel.  To this day, Americans are held hostage in Gaza.
  • Joe Biden conceded to the Taliban in Afghanistan and handed over more than $7 BILLION worth of military equipment to terrorists during the withdrawal.

Biden keeps conceding and, as a result, Americans are constantly under attack.

As a veteran who served in Afghanistan myself and the chairman of the House Foreign Subcommittee on Oversight and Accountability, I will continue to demand answers and accountability from the Biden Administration!