This week the House took action to address a critical public safety problem.

Earlier this year, two paramedics in our community were killed by a drunk driver who was in the country illegally. Over the last several weeks as I've spoken with their families, I've heard painful stories about a young girl's first father's day without her dad and a new widow coping with the thought of not being able to grow old with her husband.

There is simply nothing I can say that will ease the pain for these families, but we can take action to ensure this doesn't happen to other families again.

Sanctuary cities are a violation of the rule of law. This week I helped pass two bills - the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act and Kate's Law - to crack down on dangerous sanctuary policies that needlessly put innocent lives at risk.

Getting these bills signed into law will help ensure that no more children are forced to grow up without their father or mother because of our failures to enforce sensible immigration policy.