This week, my office had a visit from a very special good boy named Uno.

Uno is a three-year-old beagle who lives on a farm in Wyoming. He loves to run and howl and play with other dogs.

Uno is a gentle and kind household pet. For the first years of his life he wasn’t a pet, however, but a test subject. And every day was torture — literal torture.

That’s because Uno grew up in an animal testing lab funded, in part, by YOUR tax dollars. His name is Uno because he was the first of nearly 4,000 beagles rescued from one of Dr. Fauci’s testing facilities.

Beagles like Uno were put through hell, kept in cramped cages, and only allowed out to be pricked and poked. That’s unjust and it's why I’m pushing to cut off taxpayer dollars from going to fund grotesque research on animals.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has already been ordered by Congress to phase out such testing. But there is more work to be done for Uno’s sake and other innocent animals.

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