Each and every day, Brianna and I thank God for the four miracles in our lives: Magnum, Maverick, Madalyn and Major.  They are a blessing to us, and I couldn’t imagine life without them.

The far-left activists who call for abortions, even at the last moment just before birth, shame pregnant women into getting abortions.  In fact, they have influenced the Biden Administration to propose a new rule to restrict funding for pregnancy centers that serve new mothers.

By doing so, they reject the innocent unborn babies from the God-given unalienable rights—life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Americans understand each life is sacred and should be protected - this is what House Republicans continue to fight for.

This is why the House passed the Supporting Pregnant and Parenting Women and Families Act, which will block the Biden Administration from restricting funds for pregnancy centers.  The House also passed the Pregnant Students’ Rights Act, which would require schools to inform all pregnant college students of their rights and protections to carry a pregnancy to term, like modified class schedules, excused absences and others.

We should celebrate life in America.  I will continue to support women who are fighting to protect life every step of the way.