May 29 2024

Two State Delusion

Support for a Palestine state can be summed up in one word: delusional.

When news broke of the October 7th attack, the people of Gaza and the West Bank cheered the slaughter of 1,200 INNOCENT men, women, and children — including more than 30 AMERICAN citizens. Little has changed in the weeks and months since.

In fact, polls show that Hamas continues to remain popular in Gaza and the West Bank. All of this goes to show that a Palestinian state, if ever established, would be run by Hamas or one of the other TERRORIST groups operating in the region.

The simple fact is that if a Palestinian state were ever created, it would automatically be labeled by the U.S. as a state sponsor of terrorism. This fact is plain as day, yet the Biden administration continues to bend over backwards to pretend otherwise.

This was displayed at a recent House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing when President Biden’s top Middle East diplomat argued it was “objectively assessed” that a Palestinian state could co-exist alongside Israel. When pushed, however, the diplomat could not explain their “objective assessment” over who would run this supposedly peaceful Palestinian state that was happy to live next to Israel.

Does that make sense? Biden’s top Middle East diplomat thinks a two state solution is possible, but has no idea who would run a Palestinian state willing to accept Israel as its neighbor?

You have to be delusional to think it does. Unfortunately, that’s what we’re seeing from the State Department.

I’ll continue fighting to expose the insanity of this administration. Stay tuned!