It’s hard to imagine anyone approving of cruel and inhumane experiments on beagles, but the Washington Post recently published an article that defended these despicable experiments. 

Since it’s your tax dollars that pay for these experiments, you have the right to know about the horrible reality beagles face in testing labs: 

  • These labs primarily use beagles because they are small and submissive to humans.

  • These beagles are bred and raised just to be part of research testing.  They aren’t allowed to go outside or even interact with other dogs.

  • To make it easier for the researchers, these beagles are kept in a cage with crates underneath so that their urine and feces can fall right through it.

  • These beagles have to be euthanized after the studies or else the research results are voided.

That is why I co-sponsored H.R. 8699, which would prohibit the federal funds to go into the National Institutes of Health for these gruesome tests.  In my opinion, the Washington Post got it wrong.  Scientific advances have made it possible for us to conduct testing without beagles, and I will continue to fight to make sure our taxpayer money is not used to torture our four-legged friends.