Command economies don’t work.  Take a look at Cuba, or North Korea, or the former Soviet Union.  When the government dictates how the economy works, it spells disaster for their citizens.

But apparently, that’s a lesson the Biden Administration has failed to learn, because they are still bound and determined to force consumers into purchases they don’t want to make.  The latest example is electric vehicles (EVs).  Back in April, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed new rules to significantly increase tailpipe emissions standards for gas-powered cars.  The rules essentially set standards so high that no combustion engine could meet them, meaning that EVs would be the only option for 92 percent of American households who need a car.

Let’s be clear: I’m not against electric vehicles, but I am against electric vehicles that aren’t supported by the market.  And right now, unsold EVs are cluttering the lots of car dealerships in Florida and across the nation.  99 percent of Americans rely on a combustion engine for their commute, and most aren’t able to cover the extra $17,000 an EV costs compared to a standard car.

It’s tough to worry about emissions if you can’t afford to drive to work.  Protecting the environment is an important goal, but it has to be done in a responsible way that doesn’t saddle families with payments they can’t afford.

That’s why I voted in favor of the Choice in Automobile Retail Sales (CARS) Act, which would nullify the EPA’s proposed regulations and ensure that families across the country are able to purchase and drive the car that best fits their needs - and their budget.

I’ll continue to stand up for individual liberties because Americans know what’s best for them, and they certainly don’t need the federal government acting as a backseat driver in all of their decisions.