It’s the first week back for the House here in Washington, D.C., and we already have so much happening in 2024.

First, the House Foreign Affairs Committee held a hearing on the Biden Administration’s policies after the catastrophic withdrawal in 2021.  Just last year, we discovered that the Biden Administration has sent more than $11 BILLION in aid to Taliban-run Afghanistan with no tangible strategy.  Just as you thought this could not get any worse, we also found that Biden’s State Department did not properly vet who was going to be in charge of the $3.5 billion piggy bank for humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan.

Then, on the House Floor, we passed the Stop Settlement Slush Funds Act, which would prohibit federal agencies from forcing defendants to make “donations” to activist groups as part of the terms of their settlement obligation.  House Republicans stepped up to call out this swampy practice in Biden’s Justice Department.

For all this, plus a bill aimed at countering China, watch this week’s #WeekInReview: