In 2017, Congressional Republicans and President Trump passed historic tax reform that spurred our economy to record breaking levels.  It put over $2,000 in the hands of every American family, allowed entrepreneurs to reinvest in their businesses, and created jobs. 

The results spoke for themselves: unemployment was at its lowest levels since World War II, real wages grew and many workers received bonuses and increased contributions to their retirement plans.

But because it has President Trump’s name on it, Democrats are hell bent on undoing it, regardless of how well it is working for the American people. 

This week, Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee unveiled their tax plan, and it is the largest tax increase in decades.  It includes a SALT deduction giveaway to blue state billionaires, reimposes the death tax on small businesses, and increases business and individual tax rates. 

This plan is a disaster.  It is going to hamstring businesses that are struggling to recover from the pandemic and raises individual tax rates. 

At a time when inflation and unemployment are up, we should not be turning our back on what’s been proven to work.  I’ll continue to fight these disastrous proposals!