Our veterans who have served our country - risked life and limb for the United States of America - deserve choice when it comes to their health care. That's why this week we passed legislation to eliminate the sunset of the Veterans Choice Program.

If veterans are happy with the health care services at their local VA clinic, they should absolutely be able to continue to see their doctors there, but if they have to travel a long distance to reach the VA or if they're facing an excessive wait time, we need to ensure they don't feel trapped in the VA system.

The Choice Program is not perfect. It needs to be improved and expanded. But getting rid of the sunset is absolutely a step in the right direction.

This week I also signed onto legislation to help innovate new strategies to care for veterans struggling with PTSD. Moving forward, I’m going to continue fighting for meaningful reforms so our veterans can get the care they earned - when, how and where they need it.