Any parent knows that kids have no shortage of questions.  Sometimes they’re completely off-the-wall, and other times, they’re simply no-brainers.

As it turns out, fielding my four- and eight-year-olds’ questions is good practice for dealing with my colleagues in Congress.  This week, we had a no-brainer question: should Congress condemn the dramatic rise of anti-Semitism?

Shockingly, 105 of my Democratic colleagues refused to do it.  It’s ironic…the refusal to condemn anti-Semitism is exactly the type of anti-Semitism the bill sought to address, and should’ve been an obvious “yes” vote.

Also on the topic of easy yeses, in a hearing with the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I had the opportunity to discuss the latest on Lake Okeechobee with Lieutenant General Scott Spellmon.  Lt. Gen. Spellmon and I have often gone head-to-head over the management of Lake O, but this time it was, also, a no-brainer: he agreed that implementing the Lake Okeechobee System Operating Manual (LOSOM) is crucial for dealing with toxic discharges.