At a time when millions of Americans are out of work and still waiting in line for a coronavirus vaccine, this week Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to spend more than $1.9 TRILLION of our taxpayer dollars on the single most expensive bill in history.

Instead of focusing this bill on helping Americans recover from the pandemic, though, the bill instead allocates less than 1% of the funding to vaccine development and distribution and just 5% for public health needs.  All told, 91% of the bill will be spent on provision unrelated to coronavirus health spending.  

For example, the bill includes some ridiculous pork:

  • $12 BILLION in taxpayer dollars being sent to foreign nations. 

  • $112 MILLION for a new train in San Francisco

  • $1.5 MILLION for a new bridge in New York

  • And More

Sadly, instead of using this bill to help the American people, Speaker Pelosi is using a public health crisis for a partisan payoff to her allies. 

I break it all down in this week's Week in Review video. Check it out here: