From TikTok and Chinese spy balloons to purchasing farmlands in America, China shows its true intention: to use every tool possible to overtake the United States - even if it means war.

In fact, throughout the past few years, Xi Jinping has delivered speech after speech, highlighting the need for China to prepare for a war.  It is clear war is in the mind of the Chinese dictator.

The United States cannot sit idly by as the communist regime continues to put our allies and our interests at risk.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee gathered this week to highlight how the United States could ensure our money does not aid China’s mission to become the next superpower.  House Foreign Affairs Republicans will get to the bottom of this and address what we can do to keep America first and put checks on the growing threats from the Chinese Communist Party.

Watch my exchange with the former Deputy National Security Advisor under President Trump, Matthew Pottinger.