WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Congressman Brian Mast (FL-18) today called on Dr. Anthony Fauci to answer for reports of a cruel, taxpayer-funded study injecting male monkeys with feminizing hormone therapy.

“First it was the horrific experiments on beagle puppies, now it’s transgender monkeys.  Enough is enough: Dr. Fauci’s mad science experiments have to stop,” Rep. Mast said.  “This ‘research’ will produce no valuable insights into human health, it torments innocent animals and it does it on the taxpayers’ dime.  It has to end now, and in the meantime, Dr. Fauci owes the American people answers.” 

Media reports indicate that more than $200,000 of taxpayer money has been spent on a study that involves injecting monkeys with female hormones, purportedly to study why transgender women have above average rates of HIV.  By injecting female hormones that are not naturally occurring in monkeys, there is almost certainly serious distress caused to the animals.

The letter can be found here