WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rep. Brian Mast (FL-21) called on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to explain why they are diverting $831,000 meant for Florida water infrastructure projects to clean up the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge in Maryland. 

“The Army Corps is going to take away money from water projects in Florida to rebuild the bridge that was struck and collapsed in Maryland without giving us answers about what effect it will have on our state,” said Congressman Mast. “We don’t know if this money could be better used here in Florida. We also don’t know what insurance the state of Maryland or the shipping company has to cover the loss.” 

Congressman Mast and the Florida delegation were made aware that the Army Corps plans to divert funding from water infrastructure projects throughout the Sunshine State to Maryland. The Army Corps is planning to raid surplus funding from 67 infrastructure projects, totaling $831,070. 

Congressman Mast is sending a letter to the Army Corps asking them to explain the risks associated with diverting funding away from Florida infrastructure projects and what insurance or liability coverage the federal government, the state of Maryland, and the company that struck the bridge had in place.