Every single veteran has carried a burden for our country. We have carried the burden of missing births, birthdays and ball games. We have held the lives of our friends and the lives of our enemies in our hands. And because we are the lucky ones - the ones who came home - we have a responsibility to those that did not make it home to honor their memory and to those that did to help our fellow veterans.

When I’m thinking about the work that we do in Congress, I often hold it to this standard: would those fallen men and women be proud of the work that we are doing here? Would they be proud of how we represent our nation and the values they fought for? Would they want us as members of their team?

This week, Congress passed 7 bills to improve care for our veterans. Watch this week's Week In Review video to hear about each of those bills and how they would help those veterans who did make it home. I hope our fallen heroes would be proud of the work we did, not just this week but every week, in service to our great nation.