This week I had a singular mission: put taxpayers first.

Sadly, I don’t think the massive IT failure at the IRS this week surprised anybody. After all, this isn’t a government agency that inspires a terrific amount of confidence.

The good news is that this week we passed a desperately-needed overhaul of the IRS system. Our bills will completely modernize the IRS’s infrastructure to provide greater accountability, transparency and security. That includes strengthening cybersecurity, increasing protections against identity theft and dramatically upgrading IRS technology to bring IRS service into the 21st century.

We also held a hearing in the Oversight Committee about abuse of taxpayer trust by Brightline. This week, under oath before Congress, Brightline admitted that they lied when they said that their project is "not publicly funded at all." Now, they say "there has been public funding granted. How are we expected to trust anything they say?

That's why I'm calling on the Department of Transportation to revoke their allocation of tax-exempt Private Activity Bonds for Brightline and put a stop to taxpayer subsidies for this dangerous expansion!