This was a HUGE week for our waterways...

First, our bipartisan bill making federal funding available to combat toxic algae was signed into law by the President. For far too long the federal government has played a central role in perpetuating the human health crisis caused by toxic algal blooms in Florida, and our bill will finally hold them accountable to mitigating the damage.

Additionally, I joined Governor DeSantis in Stuart where he announced an executive order calling for more than $2.5 billion for restoration and water resource protection in South Florida. His executive order also reorganizes the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to prioritize decision making based on sound science. His swift action also included a call for the entire South Florida Water Management District governing board to resign!

Finally, I re-introduced my South Florida Clean Coastal Waters Act to require a federal task force to act on ways to prevent algal blooms, evaluate our current South Florida ecosystem restoration efforts, and force the state and federal government to work together to reduce, mitigate, and control harmful algal blooms in our community. This would be the first ever federal action plan specifically focused on preventing harmful algal blooms in the Everglades region!

P.S. This week I also introduced another bipartisan bill to uphold our duty to the men and women of the United States Coast Guard by ensuring their paychecks continue on schedule.