The President, as Commander in Chief, is responsible for defending our nation against all enemies and ensuring that our military can meet any challenge.  It’s clear that Joe Biden has forgotten that oath because he is putting politics above military readiness. 

Reports last month revealed that 206 Marines have been discharged for refusing to accept Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate.  Another 3,247 are at risk of separating after their requests for religious exemption were denied.  

That means there’s an entire regiment’s worth of troops that could be discharged, and that poses a major problem to our national security.  I am demanding answers from the Commandant of the Marine Corps about these separations and how it will impact our operations.  

We need to know what roles these Marines served in and how our nation’s military readiness is impacted by their discharges.  With continued threats from China and Russia, now is not the time to be discharging troops in order to make a political point.

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