Last night’s speech by President Biden was hollow. 

From security at our borders and inflation, to support for law enforcement and American companies, Biden’s words did not reflect the actions Americans have seen from him in the last fourteen months.

He talked about lowering the deficit, but he did not discuss how he requested repeatedly to raise our debt limit. 

He talked about tackling the health effects that plague our veterans - like burn pit exposures - but he offered no remorse for the 13 killed by his lack of plan in Afghanistan.

He talked about voting rights bills, but he endangered the integrity of voting by not protecting our votes with voter ID. 

The situation is too dire for hollow words.  Inflation is running rampant, families are trying to keep their kids safe in the face of a crime crisis and Ukrainians are facing annihilation.  We need solutions and we need action, not more empty words. 

I fight for a different America where every person can succeed.  I will continue to give everything I have, every day.