Two weeks ago, I met a Ukrainian soldier named Andrii at Prosthetic and Orthotic Associates in Orlando where I receive treatment for my injuries.  

He had lost his leg in combat years ago, but he was heading back to Ukraine to defend his country against Putin’s invasion.  I’ll never forget the resilience in his eyes.

I’m not the only one who has seen the resilience and the determination in the Ukrainian people - the world sees it every time we turn on the news.  The people of Ukraine are lions, not lambs, and they are on the frontlines - literally - of the fight for freedom and democracy in the world.

The United States needs to stand with them.  That’s why I voted to send military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine; however, that aid is completely negated if the U.S. is still filling Putin’s coffers by buying energy from Russia.  The U.S. has to pick a side.  Funding both sides of a war is hypocritical, stupid and a waste of taxpayer dollars.  That’s why I also voted in favor of cutting off Russian energy imports. 

America should always choose the side of democracy and freedom.  I’ll continue to make that choice every day that I represent you in Congress.