Every year, Iranians chant “Death to Israel!” in the streets of Tehran. 

Since the radical Islamists took over, the Iran regime’s goal has been destroying the Jewish homeland, Israel.  It’s no secret that Iran would not hesitate to use nuclear technology if they had the opportunity to wipe Israel off the map. The United States cannot stand idly by while our strongest ally is threatened.

That is why Representative Josh Gottheimer and I worked together on a bipartisan bill that would authorize the President to provide Israel with Massive Ordinance Penetrator (MOP) bombs, which are capable of taking out Iran’s underground nuclear infrastructure.

Israel is a crucial ally to the United States.  We need to make sure that Israel has the tools it needs to protect its people against Iranian aggression at any time, in any circumstances.  When I served alongside the Israel Defense Forces, I saw firsthand how much Americans had in common with our Israeli brothers and sisters, regardless of our political affiliations.  Supporting a free and secure Israel should not be a partisan issue, and this bill is an important step in that direction.