Yesterday, shortly after Zelensky’s speech to Congress, Russia bombed a theater in Ukraine with up to 1,200 civilians, including many children, sheltered inside.  The Ukrainians appealed to the humanity of Russian troops - writing the word “children” in Russian on the outside of the theater, but Putin is ruthless.

This is only just one example of the war crimes that Putin is engaged in, and we must make sure to hold him accountable for the innocent lives he’s destroying.

The situation is dire, and America is not doing everything it can do as the leader of the world.

President Zelensky is David taking on Goliath, but he needs more than slingshots.  The Biden Administration should move immediately to provide him and the Ukrainian people with the necessary equipment to defend their country, including jets.

With great power comes great responsibility.  I will continue to fight for an America that is responsible, standing as the beacon of freedom and democracy.