Hamas called today “the Global Day of Rage.”  I call BS.

As the only Member of Congress to have served in the United States Army and alongside the Israel Defense Forces, I’ve met and talked firsthand with those in Israel willing to give their last breath for their country and for their friends, family, and neighbors.  And they have seen so clearly the brutality committed by Hamas terrorists to wipe the only Jewish homeland off the map.

But there is no doubt: their resolve will never be broken - it wasn’t by the Holocaust, and it won’t be by the disgusting, despicable, inhumane terrorist attack that robbed Israel of more than 1,300 lives.

That’s why, today, I pulled the uniform that I wore when I volunteered with the IDF out of the closet.  It was my way to show solidarity with our biggest ally in the Middle East on the day that Hamas called for violence on Jewish people globally.  While members of the Squad are putting the Palestinian flag in front of their office and labeling “Palestine” over Israel on every map they find, wearing this uniform is the least I can do to make it clear that the United States will stand with Israel.

To my Jewish friends: Shabbat Shalom.  I pray that God will keep you and your family safe.

As your Representative, I will continue to fight for America and our ally Israel in the halls of Congress.