Oct 12 2023

Who Is Robert Malley?

Who is Robert Malley?  That’s what the Congressional Republicans have been asking the State Department for the past few months.  He was the lead negotiator on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action - known as the Iran nuclear deal - during the Obama Administration.  And days after President Biden took the oath of office, he appointed Malley to be the United States Special Envoy for Iran.

But there is something suspicious when it comes to Robert Malley.

Earlier this year, Malley had his security clearance pulled and was suspended from his post at the State Department while the FBI investigates his alleged mishandling of classified documents.  On top of that, there is an allegation that some of his associates were compromised by the Iran Experts Initiatives (IEI), a vast Tehran-controlled propaganda operation.

If these allegations are true, it raises serious questions about the Biden Administration’s foreign policy towards Iran, including efforts to draft a new Iran nuclear deal and the $6 billion prison swap that took place just last month.  The Biden Administration owes the American people answers.

That is why I joined the House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul and the Senate Foreign Relations Ranking Member James Risch calling for transparency from the State Department throughout this investigation.  This is a matter of national security, and I’ll continue to demand answers.

You can read the letter here: