In the course of human history, socialism has never succeeded.  And yet, that hasn’t stopped some elected leaders in the United States from trying to turn the greatest democracy in the world into a socialist dystopia.  Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) even went so far as to echo the words of Joseph Stalin, saying “if there is going to be class warfare in this country, it’s about time the working class won that war.

In case you needed more evidence that socialism is taking a dangerous hold in the minds of many Americans, half of millennials view socialism favorably, and 70 percent have said they would vote for a socialist candidate.  This is the same ideology that led to the deaths of millions of civilians and deprived freedom from billions.

America cannot give any credibility to such a dangerous ideology that seeks division rather than unity, control rather than freedom.

That is why today the House of Representatives passed - with my support - a resolution denouncing the horrors of socialism, sponsored by Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar, who herself is the daughter of Cuban exiles.  House Republicans sent a clear message that America will continue to be a beacon of hope and democracy for the world, and that we stand with the billions of victims of socialism.

I will fight against socialism at home and abroad, and make sure the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution remain intact for generations to come.