It’s no secret that Republicans and Democrats have different opinions on major policy issues.  Whether it’s education, foreign affairs, or transportation, we usually have a different approach on how to fix our nation’s problems.  But it was abundantly clear this week:

After three years of wide open borders and little action from the Administration, the House Foreign Affairs Committee took a hard look at the role the State Department can play in addressing the immigration crisis.  And on the House Floor, we considered a bill that would address the debt ceiling and spending simultaneously, instead of just upping the nation’s credit limit as Democrats have proposed.

The House Republican majority has made it clear how we think we should tackle these issues, but Joe Biden won’t even come to the table.  It’s his move, but it’s time to get to work and deliver for the American people.

P.S. Curious about that fee for homeowners with good credit?  I have an update for you.