How does Newton’s second law of motion affect the rocks Palestinians are slingshotting at Israeli soldiers?  How many “martyrs” were killed in the First Intifada?

Those are just some examples of questions found in textbooks authored by the Palestinian Authority.  They are openly teaching the next generation to hate our ally, Israel.  And what’s worse, in some cases, our tax dollars are paying for it.  This is unacceptable.

That is why I helped introduce the bipartisan Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act, which would require the United States Department of State to conduct an assessment of the educational materials and curriculum used in schools in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and ensure this type of anti-Semitic propaganda isn’t included.

The United States and Israel share a vibrant history together - in fact, yesterday marked 75 years since our nation became the first one to recognize the Jewish state.  We have stood by Israel at every turn, even when she faced challenges and attacks from all sides.  Our tax dollars should not be used to teach future generations to incite violence against our strongest ally in the region.

I will continue to stand up for Israel and fight anti-Semitism because such hatred has no place in this world.