This week, Congress had a lot of work to do when it comes to restoring proper oversight, from Brightline to our military, and even for John Kerry.

You may remember John Kerry as the 2004 presidential nominee, a long-term senator from Massachusetts or the Secretary of State under President Obama.  These days, he is now President Biden’s “Climate Czar” - even though the Congress never approved him for a Cabinet-level position.  Even after 2 years since he has set up his office in the State Department, we still don’t know much about his role - like what he does and who reports to him.

On the district front, the testing period for the St. Lucie River railroad bridge schedule started earlier last month.  However, Brightline is not planning to start its passenger operation until AFTER the public comment period is over.  Regardless, if you have thoughts on the test deviation period, you can click here to share your opinion with the U.S. Coast Guard.