Every year, thousands of animals are locked in a cage and put through some of the most gruesome experiments imaginable.  Even though there is technology to replace these unnecessary and cruel experiments, not only are the labs still experimenting on animals like dogs and cats, but our government agencies have used tax dollars from the government to fund these labs.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) have funded these cruel experiments domestically, and it has also sent our tax dollars abroad to fund inhumane animal labs with inferior criteria and little regard for the animals.  The worst example is Dr. Fauci’s agency that supplied funding for a lab in Wuhan using our tax dollars - it’s a colossal waste of our hard earned money, being sent abroad for all the wrong reasons.

That is why I co-sponsored bipartisan legislation that would prohibit NIH from funding foreign labs that conduct experiments on animals.  If science and technology have advanced enough to avoid causing unnecessary pain to these animals, it’s past time for the NIH to employ alternatives to animal testing.

I will continue to fight this ridiculous use of our tax dollars and stand up for the wellbeing of animals.