Since the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Biden Administration has been marred by a lack of strategy - just like a zombie.

Just last year, we discovered that the Biden Administration has sent more than $11 BILLION in aid to Taliban-run Afghanistan with no tangible strategy.  While President Biden has every opportunity to use tools to advance the #AmericaFirst agenda, his policies have been walking dead.

Just as this is disheartening to you, the incompetence does not end there.  The Biden Administration created a $3.5 billion piggy bank for humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan but could not even properly vet who administered it.

One of the board members is Shah Mehrabi, who was previously fired for misrepresenting his credentials.  He also sits on the board of the Taliban-run Afghan Central Bank, which is a major conflict of interest.  But when I asked if the State Department knew anything about this, a State Department official said this revelation “would have not changed our determination in the end.”

This makes you question what their determination is.  If their determination is to fight for America and prioritize our interests, they are on a path that is dead wrong.

I will make sure to continue to demand transparency and accountability from the Biden Administration so that our government fights for America, and not for the Taliban.