Hamas lies all the time.

You may recall the time when Hamas lied and blamed Israel for al-Ahli Hospital bombing, when all the evidence pointed to the Palestinian terrorists.  Hamas also lied about stealing the humanitarian aid that was supposed to go to civilians.

We know this is a pattern.  And yet, the American media and far-left activists repeat their lies and spread them all around the world.

And now, these same people deny the sexual violence that these despicable terrorists committed against Israeli women and girls.  While there is an overwhelming amount of evidence corroborating the claims by the witnesses, these American journalists choose to look the other way when it’s Jewish women who were raped.  That is hypocritical at best.

That is why last week I joined my colleagues from both parties to condemn rape and sexual violence committed during the attack on October 7th.  These unforgivable crimes committed by Hamas should never be forgotten.  I will continue to call out these lies perpetrated by the Hamas sympathizers who believe any crime is permissible as long as the victims are Jews.