Far-left activists want your money to go to Hamas and not Israel.

Earlier this month, 40 Democrats - including Nancy Pelosi - called on Joe Biden to abandon Israel in the middle of a war.  It’s no surprise that they are the same people who now support sending your money to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

As the House considers the Israel funding package, I make my commitment to you: I will fight against any attempt to send YOUR tax money to Hamas.

That’s why I introduced several amendments to the appropriations package. Here is what they do:

Eliminate UNRWA.  It’s long overdue for the United States to get rid of the United Nations agency that continues to empower Palestinians to attack the Jewish people. Videos from the October 7 attack paint a clear picture: UNRWA is in cahoots with Hamas. If we want to eliminate Hamas, we need to eliminate UNRWA.

No funds to support a Palestinian state. With Hamas running Gaza, why should your tax dollars go to fund a state that will immediately become sanctioned? We won’t let that happen.

Not one penny to rebuild Gaza. It is clear that Israel is our ally and the Palestinians are not.  We should support our ally in the fight against its enemy. There is no reason for your tax dollars to go towards rebuilding any infrastructure - including a port - that could be used by Hamas to launch attacks on Israel.

Send the aid immediately.  Since October 7, Congress has not sent any additional aid to Israel.  I proposed that we send aid in the next 30 days so that our ally can continue to defend itself from Hamas.

I will make sure your tax dollars are not funding the next attack against Israel.