Two months ago, President Biden disappointed Florida when he announced that they would not spend a dime on the EAA Reservoir.  I joined Governor Ron DeSantis and environmental groups in calling on President Biden to fix his failure by addressing the most important project when it comes to Everglades restoration.

Yesterday, the Biden Administration announced it would heed our advice by taking a step in the right direction with a budget of more than $400 million for Everglades restoration, including a down payment on the EAA Reservoir. This is progress, though it still falls short of the amount that Florida’s bipartisan Congressional delegation requested.

I’m glad that the President’s request is higher than last year’s, but it’s crucial that Everglades funding receives the $725 million it needs each year to protect Florida’s waterways.  That’s why I’ll continue to fight for Congress to fully fund these projects and ensure that the EAA Reservoir is prioritized.   

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