I’ve fought every day to ensure that Everglades restoration has full federal funding from the Biden Administration.  So, when the Administration announced substantial funding for water infrastructure projects, it seemed like it would be good news.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

In a stunning display of pettiness, President Biden went out of his way to shortchange Floridians by excluding funding for the most important Everglades restoration project, the EAA reservoir.  They found dollars for “racist roads” and “tree equity” but left out the one project that would make the biggest difference for Florida’s water quality.

In the military we say ‘make the big deal, the big deal.’  The EAA reservoir is the big deal, and it needs full federal funding that matches the commitment Florida has made to restore the Everglades.  

Today, I joined Governor DeSantis in calling on the Biden Administration to fix this mistake.  Check it out: 

Now, the Biden Administration is drafting its budget proposal for 2022, and they need to use this opportunity to include a minimum of $725 million for Everglades restoration.  Most importantly, President Biden needs to fund the EAA reservoir fully to get it back on schedule. 

This is the most important project when it comes to the Everglades because it will allow more water to be sent south and keep toxic discharges out of estuaries on the east and west coasts.  I’m grateful to have Governor DeSantis in the fight, and I’m hoping that President Biden will join us soon.