I believe that “wokeness” is the biggest threat to our U.S. military.  What we’ve seen in Afghanistan only confirms it. 

Earlier this summer, General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified before Congress and defended teaching critical race theory in the military.  He said he “wanted to understand white rage.” 

Perhaps General Milley should have spent his time understanding the conflict in Afghanistan instead. 

When I served in the Army, the race, religion or orientation of the soldier next to me did not matter.  The only criteria we considered was whether or not they were the best person for the job and if they could help us complete our mission. We were united for a cause that was larger than ourselves and focused only on the task in front of us. 

That’s something today’s troops need to understand, which is why I am cosponsoring the Restoring Military Focus Act.  This bill would eliminate the role of Chief Diversity Officer so that the funds used for that position can be reappropriated towards activities that ensure our troops are battle-ready. 

The U.S. military needs to be able to win actual wars, not culture wars.