Your government’s #1 priority must be to keep you safe.  That’s why, this week, we focused on efforts to make America safer and stronger:

  • Due to the ongoing border crisis, we are seeing a record-high number of migrant crossings into our country bringing crime and threatening our safety.  We passed a bipartisan resolution to denounce this failed immigration policy that is putting America at risk.
  • Online, the Chinese Communist Party is using TikTok to spy on Americans and steal their data.  We passed a bipartisan bill demanding that TikTok pick: American users or the Chinese Communist Party.  They can’t have both.
  • Abroad, your tax dollars are being used to build infrastructure that will benefit, first and foremost, Hamas terrorists.  That’s unacceptable, and it’s why I introduced the No Funds for Gaza Act to prevent the Administration from building in, or spending your tax dollars to rebuild, the Gaza Strip. There is no reason your hard-earned money should go to finance yet another attack on Israel.

For more info on these bills and further updates from the week, watch the latest #WeekInReview.