When we were on the battlefield, we cared about winning.  We didn’t care if the snipers behind us were black, brown or white - we were all brothers and sisters in arms, ready to jump in to help each other if they were in danger.

That is what our military does - they serve our nation, protect one another, and keep America safe and secure.  They are the last bastion of “best man or woman for the job,” united by their tremendous courage and passion.

However, the Left sees a problem in that.  They want to impose their woke ideology and critical race theory in a deliberate effort to focus on what divides us, rather than what unites us.  This is even more upsetting when our own tax dollars are used to cause this mess.

That is why I’m grateful that the House passed a funding bill that would support veterans and military families but keeps radical ideology from dividing our military.  I will continue to fight for common sense policies that make our nation stronger.