Iran is no friend of the United States.  From taking Americans hostage back in 1979 to today, the Iranian regime has had no regard for the United States or our allies.

So, how then, could a high ranking staffer at Joe Biden’s State Department get a top-secret security clearance when she’s alleged to have ties to an Iranian propaganda group?  When confronted, the State Department said she was “thoroughly and properly vetted” and they were “honored to have her serve.”

I had to ask State Department officials myself: if this woman was vetted properly, how did they not know about her alleged previous ties?  Their answer was: “I don’t know.”

In light of their recent “prisoner swaps” for a whopping total of $6 BILLION and their ongoing efforts to revive the Iran nuclear deal, this is a concerning development for America.  We cannot be tough on Iran if our government is infiltrated and compromised by Iranian sympathizers.

I will continue to demand answers and accountability from the Biden Administration, and work to undo the #AmericaLast policies at Biden’s State Department.