Yesterday, it leaked that Joe Biden is planning an executive order in the coming days that would purportedly shut down the U.S.-Mexico border once illegal alien crossings hit 4,000 per day.

This comes after Democrats claimed for months that Biden didn’t have the “authority” to secure our border without Congress passing legislation. Now, we know those arguments were nonsense.

But don’t be fooled, Biden’s executive order will do nothing to stem the flow of illegal immigrants marching over our southern border. Biden will essentially be setting a ceiling for how many illegal aliens can enter the United States daily before our border patrol is allowed to do its job.

Biden is saying he’ll accept 4,000 illegal immigrants per day — it should be ZERO. This 4,000 figure also doesn’t even account for so-called “gotaways,” meaning illegal immigrants that escape border patrol. Last year alone,  670,000 illegal immigrants evaded law enforcement and entered the United States.

If Biden wants to do something on the border he can restart President Donald Trump’s border wall. Something tells me he won’t do that, however.

Congressional Democrats don’t care about the border, they’re happy to let America be flooded by illegal immigrants. They don’t care about the stress this puts on our communities, especially our local law enforcement.

Just this week we saw that firsthand when 148 House Democrats voted to shield illegal immigrants that assault police officers from deportation. This was on National Police Week no less. 

I’ll keep fighting for a secure border!