Florida has more than its fair share of environmental issues.  From toxic algal blooms to dangerous chemicals in the topsoil, my top priority is cleaning up our waterways and protecting our environment for the next generation.

Luckily, we had good news on that front this week. 

First, the Army Corps of Engineers tentatively announced a new Lake Okeechobee water management plan known as Balanced Alternative CC.  For decades, our communities have had to cope with the impacts of toxic discharges.  Those discharges have forced businesses to close, killed manatees, and made our neighbors sick, among countless other side effects.  As currently written, this new plan will reduce those discharges by two-thirds. But, we’re not done yet. The Army Corps is now making more changes to the plan, so we need to fight to ensure this doesn’t become a “bait and switch” that will result in more discharges into our community.  You can share your opinion with the Army Corps directly at LakeOComments@usace.army.mil.

Also this week, the House passed a bill known as the PFAS Action Act.  This legislation would require the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to designate so-called “forever chemicals” as hazardous materials and establish a national drinking water standard. This bipartisan bill is an important step forward in protecting our public health and the environment. 

Check out this video to learn more about each of these issues: