Children are not born hating others.  That is a learned behavior.  Kids don’t discriminate based on race or religion, they learn that from adults as they grow older.  In the case of those kids growing up in Palestinian Authority-controlled areas, it’s literally taught in school.

Palestinian textbooks continually glorify terrorists and encourage violence against Israel.  For example, a textbook uses an illustration of a Palestinian hitting Israeli soldiers with slingshots to describe Newton’s second law of motion.  In another math textbook, students are asked to add up the numbers of the terrorists who died in the intifadas.

The attempt by the Palestinian Authority to brainwash the next generation with hateful and anti-Semetic ideology will only contribute to prolonged conflict in the Middle East.

Thankfully, the House Foreign Affairs Committee passed a bipartisan bill that I cosponsored to help keep our tax dollars from funding materials that encourage violence towards our ally, Israel.  The Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act would require the U.S. Department of State to conduct an assessment of educational materials and curriculum used in schools in Palestinian Authority-controlled areas.

The bottom line is this: our tax dollars should not be used to teach future generations to incite violence against the Israeli people.  In Congress, I will continue to stand up for our strongest ally and will work to promote a secure and peaceful Israel.