There’s no such thing as “farm-to-table,” there’s always a truck in the middle.  But many of these truckers are getting bogged down by regulations, which has exacerbated the ongoing supply chain crisis. We need to find ways to cut red tape and get more truckers moving.

Earlier this year, I introduced a bill that would allow truckers aged 18, 19 and 20 to transport goods from ports throughout their state, just like they would if they were moving shipments from one city to another within a state.  The CABS Act is a small fix, but it would allow more truckers to transport more goods, and is one way we can address the supply chain crisis.

Today, I asked Secretary Pete Buttigieg about the importance of this bill.  He responded that the restriction was based on data, but what about the data showing how the broken supply chain is impacting Americans across the country?  

Fixing the supply chain needs to be a top priority for Secretary Buttigieg and the Biden Administration, and reducing regulations that keep truckers parked is an important step.  That’s why I’ll continue to push for policies that cut red tape.